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Transport and climatological resources for the NOAA ICEALOT campaigns


Resources for the NOAA ICEALOT campaigns developed by NILU are here. The NOAA campaigns are a part of the International Polar Year (IPY) project: POLARCAT


As part of POLARCAT, NOAA conducted a 6 week research cruise in an ice-free region of the Arctic during March and April of 2008. The study area included the Greenland, Norwegian, and Barents Seas. Scientific issues addressed included springtime sources and transport of pollutants to the Arctic, evolution of aerosols and gases into and within the Arctic, and climate impacts of arctic haze and ozone in the Arctic. Measurements included a full complement of relevant gas phase species as well as aerosol physical, chemical, and optical properties.

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NILU contributed FLEXPART forecasts, meteorological data analysis, and analaysis of other satellite and model products during the campaigns. Following the campaign, FLEXPART simulations were run for each day of the cruise to provide quantitative analysis of the source regions for the measurements. This site provides and archive and distribution interface for the on-board products as well as the analysis FLEXPART products - which you are most likely here to find! Follow these links:

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