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Listing of FLEXPART Products for: ASTAR2007

by The folks in the NILU-ATMOS research group.


This site presents a resource to interpret transport processes and how they influenced aircraft measurements during the recent ASTAR2007 campaign. It attempts to replace trajectory calculations -- the major tool used so far for that purpose -- with quantiative dispersion model runs including full turbulence and convection parameterizations. The plots shown are from backward model runs using the FLEXPART model. Model information and a description of the various products derived from the backward runs can be downloaded here.

Flight Leg, Transit, or Event

0704010101_data_1hz 0704010201_data_1hz 0704020101_data_1hz 0704020201_data_1hz 0704030101_data_1hz
0704070101_data_1hz 0704070201_data_1hz 0704080101_data_1hz 0704080201_data_1hz 0704090101_data_1hz
0704100101_data_1hz 0704110101_data_1hz 0704120101_data_1hz 0704140101_data_1hz 0704140201_data_1hz
cmet_070323a cmet_070326a cmet_070326b cmet_070328a cmet_070330a
cmet_070331a cmet_070401a cmet_070403a cmet_070404a cmet_070408a
cmet_070410a cmet_070414a cmet_070414b cmet_070415a cmet_070415b


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