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NILU Resources

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Meteorological and Chemical Forecast Archive

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Archives of the on-board web content provided during the campaign

During the ICEALOT Cruise from 17 March - 27 April NILU provided daily meteorological and chemical forecast products via an intranet web-site on-board the R/V Knorr. An archive of these products is provided here for reference. Below are two sets of products. The first is a link to the archive of the on-board website. The second link provides access to a more complete archive of the products stored at NILU - and used in the forecasts. It is recommended for selection of products to use the second, NILU-based archive.

Note, this page is kept online for reference purposes only. It is suggested to either use the link below or contact me directly for product requests.

NOTE: Some links are broken, I am working to correct this. Pay attention to the URLs. The base URL should always be: or

During the campaigns (and in some cases continuing) scripts were run to aggregate various resources available on the web into one place for downloading to the ship. These pages are the results of those scripts and have a large number of forecast, analysis, and satellite products archived in one location. Some products include:

NOAA Surface Analysis & Prognosis
UK Met Office and Surface Analysis & Prognosis
FLEXPART Model Output*
FNMOC Aerosol Products
Various Sea State Products
Satellite Products
ECMWF forecasts prepared by Andreas Dörnbrack, DLR (THORPEX Products)

* The FLEXPART Model output is from the FORECAST system used during the campaign. We will shortly produced 'ANALYSIS' products for the entire campaign and post them on a separate page. Please contact jfb for more information regarding the analysis products.

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