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FLEXPART Analysis Products

last modified 2008-10-30 16:57

Backward Analysis Products

The backward run analysis products are now available.

These runs represent 20-day backward 'plumes' from the ship during every day. The output times are irregular based on data availability, but in general there should be at least one every hour (not in all cases though). A new run was initiated based on the ship's location, time interval, or major wind direction change.

There are several products available for each run. Please see the instructions and information about the model products available here.

NOTE: at present (October 2008) the model runs are not complete. There are also some glitches with the output, but in general the ECMWF POLAR plots should provide a snapshop for you at this time.

Interactive Tool

For a quick analysis of datasets, you can use the FLEXPART Interactive Tool. This provides access to forecast data used to provide static forecasts during the ICEALOT campaigns and (now) analysis runs.

Data Sets

These are the simulations for NA: North American, EU: European, AS: Asian, and BB: Biomass Burning tracers. These runs use ECMWF analysis data and are more accurate than the forecast products. The forecast products remain available (at this time) for reference.
  • 08Forecasts:
These are the forecast runs used during the campaigns. They were generated using the GFS data from NCAR.


Here is a quick set of instructions, see the links on the page for more details:

  1. Choose the radio button to create a 'box'
  2. If you want a vertical cross section, AFTER creating the box (you just have to remember where it is - as currently it's not left on screen), draw a line INSIDE the box.
  3. Select the product type, time period, single or movie, and various other options (most can be left default).
  4. Then, "Create Plots"


For ICEALOT, do not choose nested domain, this only covers Europe at present and will cause crashes in the plotting.

Also, this is a 'preliminary' analysis tool. We are currently running analysis runs using nested data for the POLARCAT domain. However, this will take some time due to the large region of activities. Please contact jfb for more information or help with plotting.
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