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Research projects within our group focus on various aspects of atmospheric transport.

Flexpart Products for all our projects are available here.

summitEvidence from observations and models shows that our climate is changing. How these changes will alter the global landscape, sea level, and our daily lives is largely unknown. What is know is that small changes in one region, can have significant impacts far from the source. The Arctic may be the best example of this. While being largely free of local sources of pollutants, and considered the world's largest intact ecosystem, it still suffers from exceptionally high levels of mercury, persistent pollutants, and even haze. These compounds are transported poleward primarily in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric transport, however, is not limited to delivering pollutants from industrial nations northward. Some of Florida's worst air quality days result from trans-Atlantic transport of Saharan dust. Evidence also shows that there is regular transport of Saharan dust to the Alps. The western coast of the U.S. is regularly influenced by asian dust events, while Europe receives a portion of pollution from North America. In short, air pollution knows no boundaries (well, not politically ones). It does, in fact, have physical boundaries, and it is our job to understand those best.

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