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last modified 2010-04-20 13:19

Interactive Browser Instructions


The Interactive browser is designed to look at FORECAST and ANALYSIS output from FLEXPART. Several PROJECTS are available. Each project has a set of TRACERS - these are unique to the PROJECTS. In general tracers include:

North American (CO, NOx, SOx, and BC)
Asian (CO, NOx, SOx, and BC)
 European (CO, NOx, SOx, and BC) Biomass Burning (CO and BC)

At times other projects have custom created tracers.

Enter parameters

First, select a project and tracer of interest. Select the times for plotting. Then use the map interface on the right to define the region of interest for plotting. You can also manual enter the coordinates.

Optional parameters include:

Parameter Description Options
Plot Type
Selects whether a map or curtain type plot is create
One of 'horzontal', 'vertical', or 'both'
Age Class
Age of the tracers
See menu - generally use 'all'
Plot data from the nested domain
'no' or 'yes'
For horizontal plots, will provide an elevation slice
'-1' produces total column.
Are the elevation units in m.a.s.l. or m.a.g.l. (sea or ground)
'asl' or 'agl'
Units Units of the species in mixing ratio or concentration
'ppbv' or 'ug/m3'
Max Value
Select the maximum value to plot on the vertical plot

Max Column
Selects the maximum value to plot for Total Column plots

Postscript Produce a link to download postscript version of the plot.
'no' or 'yes'

File Upload

This feature is currently available only to registered users. If you wish to have access, please contact John Burkhart.

For flight files, create a file with the extension .flt or .dat

It should contain lines of data with YYYYMMDD HHMMSS LON LAT ELV

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