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last modified 2011-05-25 17:01

Special Forecast products for Grímsvötn produced through the SAVAA project

The eruption at Grimsvötn has ceased and no plume has been visible on radar since ~0200UTC on 25 May 2011.
Ash emissions in the current model forecast end at 0900 UTC on 25 May.
This page provides background information for special FLEXPART products generated for the eruption of Grímsvötn in 2011. We have set up the FLEXPART forecast system to provide updated forecasts. Services provided here have been developed largely through funding from the European Space Agency (ESA) to NILU's SAVAA project.

DISCLAIMER: Note, these products are EXPERIMENTAL and should not be used for general aviation guidance. NILU, nor those generating the products, accept no responsibility for actions based on usage of this tool. We are interested in scientific research collaboration, and welcome feedback.

NILU is currently providing the following:

NILU satellite data:



IASI Alerts:

CIMSS retrievals:

Below are quicklinks to our static forecasts provided during the Grímsvötn Eruption (May 2011). Links to static tracer forecasts using the transport model FLEXPART are provided in the table below. Please read this important information first before using the model products.

Static snapshots of trajectory and tracer plots are produced by the forecast system every six hours. For more plotting control and closer inspection of forecasts output, we recommend to use this interactive tool for plotting FLEXPART

Please report any questions or problems to:  John Burkhart and Andreas Stohl

Concentration Plots

Concentration plots for FLEXPART Tracers separated by tracer, and altitude. PSV indicates the passive (no removal) tracer. VO represents a 'volcanic aerosol' tracer. Wet and dry deposition removal processes are included. This is an idealized tracer, and has NOT been validated. Click the icon to play load a browser with the 120 hour forecast images. For a ZOOM on the European region, click the icon (only available for Total Column)

Tracer Elevation (masl)
Volcanic Tracer
PSV 7000
PSV 12000
PSV Total Column

VO 0
VO 7000
VO 12000
VO Total Column

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