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Links to Station and Campaign 'Overview' pages for FLEXPART output products.

Forecast and Analysis Products: fig1

Our group provides numerous specialized forecast and analysis products for research on atmospheric transport. Primarily we develop products using the Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model FLEXPART. The model is an offline model, using ECMWF or NCEP-GFS global weather model data. Many of our products are made available with both input data. See:
which maintains links to currently available runs for various stations and campaigns. Many of the station runs were developed for the EUCAARI project. Through this project, FLEXPART Backward runs at 3-hourly resolution were developed for the period of 2007-2010.

For aircraft and other research campaigns we make available both forecasts during the campaign for planning and analysis products following the measurements. These products are archived and also available through the above product listing page.

Specialized Products

Occasionally we produce specialized products. These are done as a part of our research and are not intended as guidance on aviation or emergency planning. These products may, or may not, be archived. If you have questions about the data, please contact us.

Please see the page navigation to the left for links to various projects and other model products of interest.

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