Atmospheric Transport — Atmospheric Transport

The NILU Atmospheric Backward Transport Analysis Products for: MTC

by John Burkhart & Andreas Stohl

This site presents a resource to interpret transport processes and how they influenced measurements at the MTC observatory. It attempts to replace trajectory calculations -- to date, the major tool used for that purpose -- with quantiative dispersion model runs including full turbulence and convection parameterizations. The plots shown are from backward model runs using the FLEXPART model. A description of the various products derived from the backward runs can be found here.

Disclaimer: These products are freely accessible. If you feel that using them contributed significantly to one of your publications, we appreciate acknowledgment of the services or offer of co-authorship, depending on how important you feel that these products actually were for your work. Of course, on request we can also produce custom-made plots with adjusted plotting domains, better image quality, etc., for use in peer-reviewed publications. Furthermore, we are interested in participating in analyses through more detailed study of the transport properties if you feel it may benefit your investigation. These collaborations allow us to continue these services also in the future.

Products are organized by available YEAR and MONTH below.

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