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PDFs of Andreas Stohl's publications

Publications are numbered as in my publication list. To download one, click on the respective number.

1. Stohl, A., and H. Kromp-Kolb (1994): Origin of ozone in Vienna and surroundings, Austria. Atmos. Environ. 28, 1255-1266.1.pdf

4. Stohl, A., G. Wotawa, P. Seibert, and H. Kromp-Kolb (1995): Interpolation errors in wind fields as a function of spatial and temporal resolution and their impact on different types of kinematic trajectories. J. Appl. Meteor. 34, 2149-2165.4.pdf

5. Stohl, A., and G. Wotawa (1995): A method for computing single trajectories representing boundary layer transport. Atmos. Environ. 29, 3235-3239.5.pdf

7. Stohl, A. (1996): Trajectory statistics - a new method to establish source-receptor relationships of air pollutants and its application to the transport of particulate sulfate in Europe. Atmos. Environ. 30, 579-587.7.pdf

9. Wotawa, G., A. Stohl, and H. Kromp-Kolb (1996): Estimating the uncertainty of a Lagrangian photochemical air quality simulation model caused by inexact meteorological input data. Rel. Eng. Sys. Saf. 57, 31-40.9.pdf

10. Scheifinger, H., A. Stohl, H. Kromp-Kolb, and W. Spangl (1996): A statistical method for predicting daily maximum ozone concentrations. Gefahrstoffe - Reinhaltung der Luft 56, 133-137.10.pdf

11. Stohl, A., E. Williams, G. Wotawa, and H. Kromp-Kolb (1996): A European inventory of soil nitric oxide emissions and the effect of these emissions on the photochemical formation of ozone in Europe. Atmos. Environ. 30, 3741-3755.11.pdf

12. Baumann, K., and A. Stohl (1997): Validation of a long-range trajectory model using gas balloon tracks from the Gordon Bennett Cup 95. J. Appl. Meteor. 36, 711-720.12.pdf

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16. Stohl, A. (1998): Computation, accuracy and applications of trajectories - a review and bibliography. Atmos. Environ. 32, 947-966.16.pdf

17. Wotawa, G., A. Stohl, and B. Neininger (1998): The urban plume of Vienna: comparison between aircraft measurements and photochemical model results. Atmos. Environ. 32, 2479-2489.17.pdf

18. Stohl, A., and P. Seibert (1998): Accuracy of trajectories as determined from the conservation of meteorological tracers. Q. J. Roy. Met. Soc. 124, 1465-1484.18.pdf

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20. Stohl, A., and N. E. Koffi. (1998): Evaluation of trajectories calculated from ECMWF data against constant volume balloon flights during ETEX. Atmos. Environ. 32, 4151-4156.20.pdf

21. Bonasoni, P., F. Evangelisti, U. Bonafe, H. Feldmann, M. Memmesheimer, A. Stohl, L. Tositti, H. Kromp-Kolb, T. Colombo T. (1999): Stratosphere-troposphere exchanges: case studies recorded at Mt. Cimone during the VOTALP project. Phys. Chem. Earth 24C, 443-446.21.pdf

22. Stohl, A., and D. J. Thomson (1999): A density correction for Lagrangian particle dispersion models. Bound.-Layer Met. 90, 155-167.22.pdf

23. Xia, Y., P. Fabian, A. Stohl, and M. Winterhalter (1999): Forest climatology: Reconstruction of mean climatological data for Bavaria, Germany. Agric. For. Meteorol. 96, 117-129.23.pdf

24. Xia, Y., P. Fabian, A. Stohl, and M. Winterhalter (1999): Forest climatology: estimation of missing values for Bavaria, Germany. Agric. For. Meteorol. 96, 131-144.24.pdf

25. Stohl, A., and T. Trickl (1999): A textbook example of long-range transport: Simultaneous observation of ozone maxima of stratospheric and North American origin in the free troposphere over Europe. J. Geophys. Res. 104, 30445-30462.25.pdf

26. Wotawa, G., H. Kroeger, and A. Stohl (2000): Horizontal ozone transports towards the Alps - results from trajectory analyses and photochemical model studies. Atmos. Environ. 34, 1367-1377.26.pdf

27. Bonasoni, P., F. Evangelisti, U. Bonafe, F. Ravegnani, F. Calzolari, A. Stohl, L. Tositti, O. Tubertini, T. Colombo (2000): Stratospheric ozone intrusion episodes recorded at Mt. Cimone during the VOTALP project: case studies. Atmos. Environ. 34, 1355-1365.27.pdf

28. Stohl, A., N. Spichtinger-Rakowsky, P. Bonasoni, H. Feldmann, M. Memmesheimer, H. E. Scheel, T. Trickl, S. H. Huebener, W. Ringer, and M. Mandl (2000): The influence of stratospheric intrusions on alpine ozone concentrations. Atmos. Environ. 34, 1323-1354.28.pdf

29. Bonasoni, P., A. Stohl, P. Cristofanelli, F. Calzolari, T. Colombo and F. Evangelisti (2000): Background ozone variations at Mt. Cimone station. Atmos. Environ. 34, 5183-5189.29.pdf

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33. Stohl, A. (2001): A one-year Lagrangian "climatology" of airstreams in the northern hemisphere troposphere and lowermost stratosphere. J. Geophys. Res. 106, 7263-7279.33.pdf

34. Stohl, A., and T. Trickl (2001): Experimental evidence for trans-Atlantic transport of air pollution. IGACtivities Newsletter 24, 10-12.34.pdf

35. Cooper, O. R., J. L. Moody, and A. Stohl (2001): The influence of synoptic scale transport mechanisms on trace gas relationships above the western North Atlantic Ocean. IGACtivities Newsletter 24, 7-9.35.pdf

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